How To Sleep After C Section?

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First, I want to congratulate you on being a mother! 

Becoming a mother must be one of the best feelings in the world. 

We women are amazing; we can create a life and nurture it within us for 9 months. If you have given birth recently, you might be feeling amazing. There’s not a single doubt about that. 

However, in case you have undergone a C-section delivery, things are a little painful for you. 

At the same time, you will be feeling blessed, happy, and also terrible due to the pain. It basically doesn’t matter how you have delivered your baby; you have to be proud that you made that through 9 months of physical changes, and finally, you brought a little human into this world. 

When you had a cesarean or c-section delivery, your postpartum recovery might need some additional precautions. All these measures always help you to heal properly and get back on your feet so that you can keep up with your new bundle of joy. 

And in order to recover faster, you need proper and quality sleep. That is why I am here to talk to you about “How to sleep after c section?”

After C Section: Why Sleep Is Important For Recovery?

Why Sleep Is Important For Recovery

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Before gilding you with “How to sleep after c-section?” I think you should know why sleep is important after the c-section. We, women, have a tendency to put ourselves second. 


And as a result of this, we unknowingly cause harm to our loved ones. After all, your baby needs you. So, you have to take care of yourself first to give all the love and care to your little munchkin. 

I want you to keep yourself on the priority list and wish you a faster recovery. I hope, after knowing the importance, you will start to take yourself and your health really seriously. 

While healing from your c-section, you also need to take care of your tiny little human reluctantly. When you get proper rest, you will be more alert and also will be able to take care of yourself and your baby, obviously. 

Just the same way, when you are resting, your entire energy is particularly assigned toward healing your body from the surgery. So, you should take as much rest as possible. Proper resting and sleeping help our body to heal faster. 

Especially during the first week of postpartum or after your c-section, you should sleep as much as you can. You can ask your partner, family, or friends to be your assisting hand so that you can rest and focus a little more on yourself.  

How To Sleep After C Section? Best Sleeping Positions 

Now, I think you have been convinced enough about getting proper sleep. So, now, I will guide you on “How to sleep after C section?” with the best sleeping positions. 

#1 At An Incline Sleeping On Your Back

At An Incline Sleeping On Your Back

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Incline sleeping on your back is a really popular and advisable sleeping position. You just need to use enough supportive pillows on your back to provide you with a 45-degree incline in your bed. 

As most of us usually do not sleep this way, it might be a usual position. But during your recovery period, you will feel relatively comfortable this way. This way, you will also be able to avoid experiencing obstructive sleep apnea postpartum. 

When you are sleeping in this position, you can reduce pressure on your incision along with you will be able to make sure that your airway is unobstructed and open. 

#2 Sleeping In An Upright Seated Position

Sleeping In An Upright Seated Position

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While binge-watching your favorite series, you might have unknowingly fallen asleep in this position. Although sleeping in an upright seated position is not as cozy as being snuggled up in your bed, it is actually more practical during the early days of your postpartum. 

Here, also, you need some supportive pillows to make your upright sleeping position as comfortable as possible. Especially when you are breastfeeding, this position makes it much easier to feed your little one during all those multiple nightly feedings. 

Although, an upright sleeping position is not at all a long-term solution because most people can transition back to bed around 2 weeks post-delivery. 

#3 Side Sleeping Position

Side Sleeping Position

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For many of us, the side sleeping position is the second most favorite and comfortable position right after back sleeping. For all those people who are recovering from abdominal surgery, a side sleeping position is an excellent option as it does not put any additional pressure on the incision. 

Also, when you are sleeping in this position, you can easily get up from the bed. It is best to focus on sleeping on your left side as this will provide you optimal blood flow along with making digestion easier. 

In order to get comfortable, you might need some supporting aids or a body pillow. You also need support for both your hip and abdomen.

#4 On Your Back Sleeping Position

On Your Back Sleeping Position

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Once you are more than 20 weeks pregnant, sleeping on your back is not at all recommended. But, when you are recovering from surgery or a c-section, it is highly recommended. In this sleeping position, your incision site gets the least amount of pressure and strain, along with making sure your body is aligned in a neutral position. 

You also can add a body pillow or a tightly rolled towel or blanket under your arms and be keen in order to elevate your legs and make this classic position more comfortable. But, when you are sleeping in this position and want to get out of bed, you need to be a little careful. 

Instead of sitting upright, I will ask you to go with the “leg roll” method. It is described below. 

  • First, you need to roll fully onto any of your sides with your knees bent before you move your legs off your bed. 
  • Now, slowly push your body into a sitting position using your arms. Here, you have to ensure that your abdominal portion is relaxed when you are moving. 
  • Before you stand up, you need to make sure that you are in a fully upright seated position. 

Now, you also can use a reverse rollout method to lie down on your bed. 

Additional Tips For How To Sleep After C Section?

New parents always struggle to get a good night’s sleep. Especially when you need to take care of all the needs of a newborn, considering “How to sleep after c section?” becomes an elusive goal. 

Still, you need sleep and adequate sleep. That is why, here are some tips that you can use to get the sleep you actually need. 

#1 Put Your Partner On Night Duty, If Possible

Put Your Partner On Night Duty, If Possible During the daytime, you can have some chores to do. Also, if not, a good night’s sleep is always necessary. But, there will be times when your baby will wake up at night, or you need to keep a check on your baby from time to time. 

Why not ask your partner to do that if you have that option? Or else, you also can ask any of your friends or family to do the job for a few days just after your c-section. 

#2 Create A Relaxing Sleeping Environment

Create A Relaxing Sleeping Environment

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I know it’s not at all as easy as it seems, especially when you have a bundle of joy. But by saying this, I mean to create a room that will feel relaxing and also encourage you to unwind. 

Focus on a room that is not too hot and also sufficiently dark at the same time. This will help you to fall asleep easier. 

#3 Before Bed, Avoid Screen Time

Before Bed, Avoid Screen Time

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I know, just lying there and doing nothing is kind of boring. During this time, you might scroll through the social media feed or watch your favorite series, which is absolutely okay. But if you are doing it before going to bed, that is also not acceptable. 

It will be best to limit your screen time, especially before going to bed. Instead of staring at the screen, take a book and read that before going to bed.  

#4 Go With a Supportive Pillow

Go With a Supportive Pillow

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Supportive pillows can assist you a lot in easing those pressure points. It will let you relax a bit more, and you will be able to fall asleep faster. You will have a good night’s sleep without dealing with unnecessary pains and aches. 

So, I will ask you to invest your money in getting some supportive pillow, or if you have a pregnancy pillow, make the most of it. 

#5 Pain Might Be Keeping You Up

Pain Might Be Keeping You Up

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I will not say that I can feel the pain you’re feeling after having a c-section, but I can imagine. Being cut and stitched is actually painful. For several days you will feel excessive pain. And if the incision pain is keeping you awake at night, don’t hesitate to talk with your physician. 

In case the pain you are feeling is out of the capacity of ibuprofen or any other similar over-the-counter pain relievers, ask your doctor to prescribe a completely safe pain-relieving medication when you are breastfeeding your baby. 

#6 Avoid Late Night Coffee And Munching

Avoid Late Night Coffee And Munching

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Obviously, if you are breastfeeding, your doctor might already have told you to limit your caffeine intake. Although coffee can make you feel a little more energetic, it will make feeling asleep even harder. 

So, late-night coffee and munching is a strict no-no. I will ask you to consume your last cup of coffee for at least 4 hours before going to bed. 

Get A Good Night’s Sleep: Avoid These

In order to recover from a c-section, you need to give yourself adequate space and time. Just the way, you need to take some precautions and develop some new habits; you are also required to avoid some activities and change some habits. 

So, when you are considering “How to sleep after c section?” Here are the things you need to avoid. 

  • Having sex until getting a clearance from the doctor. 
  • Lifting anything heavier than your baby. 
  • Stomach sleeping, obviously. 
  • Using douches or tampons until permitted by the doctor. 
  • Until your incision has healed and also your postpartum bleeding has stopped, don’t take baths. 
  • Soaking in hot tubs or public pools. 
  • Using the stairs frequently. 
  • Engaging in rigorous work-outs or all those core muscle work-outs till you are given permission. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):-

If you have gone through this article, you get an idea of “How to sleep after c section?” Still, there can be some more queries or questions in your head. So, here, I am answering some most commonly asked questions. 

Q1: Is It Okay To Sleep On The Side After C-section?

Ans: As per the Specialty Surgery Center, the most helpful sleeping position after a C-section, along with most other types of surgeries, is lying on your back. A sleeping position on your back might be the best option to relieve any type of pressure on the part of your incision. 

Q2: How Long Is Bed Rest After C-Section?

Ans: Usually, it takes 6 weeks in order to recover from your c-section, but this will always depend on your individual situation. In case you have any issues during or even after a c-section or in case you are taking care of another child at home, you might need more time to recover. 

Q3: Do And Don’ts After C-Section?

Ans: In this article, I have already mentioned the things you need to do and avoid for “How to sleep after c section?” These things also go for the recovery period after your c-section. Those includes


Recover Soon!

So, you just need to take as much sleep as you can, along with taking care of your little angel after your c-section. And for “How to sleep after c section?” you get 4 amazing sleeping positions that are conformable and also good for your recovery. 

So, rest enough, sleep more, and recover soon!

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