Gummy Bear Implants: Pros, Cons, Price, Precaution

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Now, breast augmentations, reshaping, and lifting surgery are no more taboos. Many women are doing cosmetic surgery to achieve their desired breast shape. In breast implant surgery, the gummy bear implants are making history. These implants are better for holding the shape than saline and silicon-based bear implants.

If you are seeking more volume breast shape, then these are going to be the perfect selection for you. Why? These implants give your breast a more jiggly and youthful look as the implants are made with silicon gel filling.

Let’s have a look at what gummy bear implants are created with..

What Is The Gummy Bear Made Off?

What Is The Gummy Bear Made Off

The gummy bear breast implant base materials are traditional silicon. But the form of silicon is a little bit different. Regular silicon has liquid concentrations, but these gummy bear implants are made with gel-like silicon.

The outer shell of these gummy bear breast implants is silicon made. And the silicon gel fillings are also there. Gel-like consisting of the implants give a natural look and is more youthful to the touch.

Unlike the other silicon-based breast implants. These gel-based gummy bear implants are better for retaining the breast’s natural shape. Even if any time the out shell is broken during that time, also it retains the natural shape of the breast. This is all possible because the gel is thicker.


What About The Gummy Bear Implants Pros And Cons?

Before going under the plastic surgeon’s knife, better look at the gummy bear implant’s

pros and cons. Hence it will give you more constructive ideas about these implants.

I am starting with the pros parts of the gummy bear implants.

Pros Of Having Gummy Bear Implants

These are the advantages of having natural gummy bear implants.

More Natural Shape:

More Natural Shape


The gummy bear implants give you a more natural-looking feeling. How? As the breast implants are not made with the liquidity material. So there are no chances of liquid shifting. And traditional silicon implants are rounder in shape. 

That does not look very natural. The gummy bear implants a teardrop shape. These tear shape implants look more voluminous. So after the implants, you will get a more natural-looking and voluminous look.

Better Lifting:

Better Lifting

If you are thinking of having gummy bear implants, then I must say this is a great choice to get an adult breast. The gummy bear implants have more textured shells, which give a better lift.

If the tissues are growing abnormally around the implant, it causes pain. Hence it means that breast implants are some items causing more pain. 

If the fillings start to move around, it is sometimes also losing shape, and as a result, along with the unpleasant shape, it also causes pain. It give better breast lifting. These implants reduce the winkle and ripping chances of the breast.

Gives A More Youthful Look:

Gives A More Youthful Look

For anyone who wants a more youthful-looking breast shape, these gummy bear breast implants are going to be perfect for them. The natural gummy bear implant filling materials hold the breast’s natural shape. 

These fillings give you a more youthful look. As everyone wants to have a bouncy and soft breast. The feelings of touchings should be more youthful. If the liquid is starting to move around, it will not give the natural breast tissue feelings.

This is the biggest difference between the gummy bear implants vs regular ones. Sometimes traditional breast implants give an unnatural look to the breast. But tear shape gummy bear implants give a more youthful look to your breast.

Do Not Leave The Shape Even When Shell Is Broken:

Do Not Leave The Shape Even When Shell Is Broken

This often happens. If the shell is broken, the implants start to lose shape. As the liquid silicon can not hold the tight shape. But gummy bear implants can hold shape for a longer time, even if the shell is broken.

The shape of the cover is often becoming abnormal. And sometimes, broken shells generate more complications. This complication is called capsule contracture. This often happens when the regular silicone breast implants.

Capsular contracture is the most common surgical complication. And re-surgery is the only solution to overcome this breast augmentation complication. When you have the tear shape of it.

Cons Of Having The Gummy Bear Implants

Cons Of Having The Gummy Bear Implants

You know what the advantages of having gummy bear implants are. But implant placements are a surgical process. Like another surgical process, it also has some downsides.

Here are the cons of having the gummy bear implant procedure.

  • Gummy bear implant procedures are more expensive.
  • If you are thinking of placing large-size implants, the scare size is becoming a little larger.
  • If any error in the surgical procedures happens, the implants can rotate. That means you will get an unnatural shape.


What Is The Difference Between Gummy Bear Implants Us Regular?

What Is The Difference Between Gummy Bear Implants Us Regular

What are the major differences between gummy bear tear-shaped implants vs regular? One difference you already know is that cost is relatively high with it.


Gummy Bear Implants Regular Silicone Implants 
Gummy bear’s fillings consistency is more like a thicker gel. Regular silicon implant fillings concentrations are liquid.
More natural-looking tear-shaped implants. Silicon implants are available in rounder shapes.
Capsule contracture chances are relatively low. Capsule contracture chances are relatively high.
Gummy bear implants are better to hold the shape as the fillings have a thicker gel-like consistency. Regular silicone implants do not give a natural feeling while touched and felt.
Gummy bear implants give a more bouncy and youthful feeling. Traditional silicone implants sometimes give a very unnatural shape, especially when the outer shell is broken.

These are the basic differences between regular implants and silicone-based them. Now let’s have a look at its cost. Hence it will give you a better idea about the operation’s cost.

What Do The Gummy Bear Implants Cost?

What Do The Gummy Bear Implants Cost

The natural gummy bear implant breast augmentation process is not covered by insurance. So it will be better to take a look at the implant’s surgery costs and the comparison with regular breast augmentation with silicone implants.

According to the 2017 reports of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average breast augmentation with silicon transplant costs $3,655 to $4,000.

But these are much more expensive. The operation costs can vary from $6,000 to $12,000.So you can see how much difference there is between traditional surgery and teardrop breast implant surgery.

Both types of surgery require several weeks for a full recovery. Apart from the surgery cost, there are many more costs that are also associated with it. Before going under the procedure, know all the extra costs associated with the surgery costs.


Caution Tips: Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure. So before going for the procedure, know all about the procedure and precautions which you have to take after the surgery. Follow the doctor’s instructions for faster healing.

Are The Gummy Bear Implants Safe?

Are The Gummy Bear Implants Safe

Yes, in comparison to the other types of liquid silicone implants, these are pretty safe to use. These implants are not very prone to rupture. The different types of breast implant fillings are liquid. But it is pretty safe as they are not prone to rupture or crack.

But there is also a disadvantage to having it. The implant’s strength is heavy. Hence every time you have to perform a physical checkup. As the filing’s concentrations are relatively dense. In the other types of implants, crack and reputed finding is becoming a much easier process.

Whatever breast implants you are having on. You have to perform at least one MRI in 3 years. This surveillance is the must step. With MRI, you can find what are the changes in the implants, and you can find the cracks and ruptures after performing the test.

If the gummy bear is leaked, trace findings are much more complicated. But when the feeling’s materials are saline or other liquid materials, you can identify the complicated areas by only touching them.


Precautions Which You Must Take After Gummy Bear Breast Implant Surgery?

Precautions Which You Must Take After Gummy Bear Breast Implant Surgery

Any type of surgery is not free of risk. And these breast augmentations surgery is not also free from risk. So after the surgery, you have to take some precautions.

Here are some precautions you must take after the gummy bear breast implant surgery.


  • Infection chances
  • Bleeding
  • Nipple sensation changes
  • Pain 
  • Reptuter in the implant
  • Scarring chances
  • Wrinkle in the breast tissue
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Wrinkle in the breast tissue and skin
  • Back Pain


All you have to know is breast implants are not permanent solutions. These are temporary, and many women have to change the implants within 10 or 9 years. Before operations, you have to maintain a standard body weight. If you find any changes in the breast shape, instantly make contact with your doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Often, the women ask these questions and answers before going for the surgical procedures.

 1: How Much Time Do The Gummy Bear Implants Take To Drop?

Nine to twelve months is the maximum time. After the procedure, breast implants can drop within a few months.

2: How The Gummy Bear Implants Touch To Feel?

The cohesive gel fillings give more breast tissue-like feelings. It is very similar to natural breast tissue.

3: Can Your Gummy Bear Implants Leak?

The liquid fill implants are more likely to get rupture and leak. It can also leak, but the chances are less. So if you want to avoid the chances of rupture, constant monitoring is required.

Wrapping It Up:

Every woman wants to have more natural-looking, youthful-feeling breast implants. But the surgical process is always a risky process. So if you are thinking of getting the cosmetic surgical process, always take the information about the whole procedure. One small mistake can ruin your whole look. Are you thinking of having this breast augmentation surgery? You can share your opinion through the comment section.

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