About Us (Health Journal):

Hey, You – Meet The Crew At Health Journal!

On a long trip to shaping the future of health and wellness. 

By The Editors 

Hello! We are the crew at Health Journal, and we are currently working on building the #1 source for all things related to health and wellness. The idea? The idea is to reach more and more people on their journey to wellness while providing our readers with the confidence they require for making health and wellness decisions every day.

We might not be the biggest source of health information online – but we do believe in creating comprehensive, relevant, and, more importantly, authentic content. Everything that we do here is grounded in foresight, research, and of course, expertise. We prioritize our audience and work with trends and events that can impact them.  

Our approach to health and wellness is simple, human, and holistic. We want to give readers the confidence and the autonomy to make their own health and wellness choices.  

People who actually know food – and their relationship with food – boost every individual aspect of physical and mental health. These people are always looking for practical, credible, and hyper-relevant answers simply because they are seeking out ways to tap into the power of nutrition.  

And this holds so true for the entire health and wellness industry. People do want to understand what’s all the confusion around living healthy. Even proactive individuals are at risk of being misinformed or overwhelmed. This is precisely why the world needs practical, clear, and actionable solutions – answers that come without any judgment. 

At the same time, it is ‘healthy’ to understand that road to optimized health might look different for different individuals. Health Journal also appreciates that our audience comes in different shapes and sizes – it’s about focusing on your body’s power system.  

There’s so much to explore, so much to know, and, more importantly, so much to accept when it comes to living your best life. Keep reading to know us better – feel free to reach out! We know you have some opinions – and the due confidence to share those thoughts.