10 Reasons For Lower Abdominal Pain After Sexually Active

Sex is not only about intercourse or physical play; it is about feeling each other, feeling each other’s skin, touch, and warmth. Sex is amazing. And you should feel amazing after sex. 

But if we are practical, due to many reasons, we fail to experience this amazing experience in reality. A lot of people experience discomfort in their stomachs after having sex. 

Though it is completely normal, you should still know why things happen that way. And in case you are also experiencing stomach pain after having sex, it is also normal to get worried and look for answers to why it is happening and how you can stop that. 

I know, any kind of stomach discomfort sucks a lot. And it feels too unfair when you are bearing too much pain after something that should be pleasurable. Here, I will talk about the possible reasons why you are experiencing lower abdominal pain after being sexually active. 

10 Reasons For Lower Abdominal Pain After Sexually Active

10 Reasons For Lower Abdominal Pain After Sexually Active

So, now, let’s check out the most probable reasons for lower abdominal pain after being sexually active. 

Reason 1: Due To The Sex Position you have Used

Due To The Sex Position you have Used

If you consult with your doctor that you are experiencing lower abdominal pain after being sexually active, the doctor will first ask you about the position that you have tried. In case you always experience pain after doggy or missionary style, it can be due to the deep penetration. 

In the beginning, you can go with over-the-counter pain medications. I would recommend you take the medication 1 or 2 hours before having sex. You also need to figure out a position where you will have more control over both the depth and frequency of penetration. 

Reason 2: You Are Experiencing Vaginal Dryness

You Are Experiencing Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness also can be an issue here. If you are under some specific birth control pills, it might cause your dryness. On the other hand, a higher dosage of estrogen can make that up here for you. Vaginal dryness also can be there because you are heading toward menopause. 

You can opt for some lubricant, or if that is also not working for you, consult with your doctor for some prescription options. Here, vaginal DHEA or vaginal estrogen medication can do the necessary work. 

Reason 3: Due To The Presence Of Pelvic Or Ovarian Cysts

Due To The Presence Of Pelvic Or Ovarian Cysts

Having an ovarian cyst is pretty common nowadays. Cysts are basically fluid-filled pockets or sacs in an ovary or on its surface. Some cysts disappear automatically, and some keep growing and need proper medical attention. 

But a pelvic cyst is different and develops from scar tissue from any type of previous surgery or an infection where fluids collect in the pelvic area. When it comes to pain, you need to consider the vagina and pelvic area as a whole. 

Reason 4: You Are On Your Period

You Are On Your Period

Yes, menstrual pain and cramps might become better during sex, but after that, all these symptoms can come back as a result of pressure on the cervix and contracting uterine muscles during sex. 

In order to tackle this, you can have ibuprofen before sec, or you also can apply a heating pad afterward that will assist you in alleviating menstrual cramping during and also after having sex. And in case your cramps are intense on a particular day, avoid intercourse. 

Reason 5: An Infection Or History Of Inflammatory Disease

An Infection Or History Of Inflammatory Disease

There can be two reasons for a vaginal infection, and they are either due to any type of bacterial infection in the vagina or due to sexually transmitted diseases, like gonorrhea or Chlamydia. These can actually spread to your uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes from the vagina. 

When you have an infection, you will constantly feel pain, but sexual intercourse can worsen it as you are irritating an already irritated area. A previous pelvic inflammatory disease also can cause post-sex pelvis and cause pelvic scarring. The best way to avoid it is to consult with your doctor and take some prescribed antibiotics. 

Reason 6: Due To Fibroids

Due To Fibroids

Statistics say that around 20% to 70% of women will get fibroids during the time they are capable of reproduction. Fibroids are basically non-cancerous tumors of the uterus, and they might cause pain while having sex on the basis of the size and location of it in the uterus. 

They can result in muscle cramping, due to which you experience pain after sex. Consult with your doctor; you might need to do an MRI or ultrasound of the pelvis. After that, opt for the advised treatment options. 

Reason 7: Due To Anxiety Or Unease

Due To Anxiety Or Unease

Emotional distress also might cause pain after sex than a physical cause. Often prior sexual trauma can result in a feeling of discomfort or pain after or during sex. You should address these feelings or stressors that are associated with sex. 

The best way to get help and fix these things is to consult with a licensed mental health professional. You should always be frank and honest with your mental health advisor and tell them exactly what is bothering you. 

Reason 8: It might Be Endometriosis

It might Be Endometriosis

This particular health condition occurs when the lining of the uterus grows outside of the uterus. In most cases, this issue causes lower abdominal pain after being sexually active. Usually, 2% to 10% of women get Endometriosis, and it usually takes 6 to 10 years in order to be diagnosed. 

Consulting with your gynaecologist is the best thing you can do here. Endometriosis has to be treated well. And as this is a kind or rare condition, usually you might not guess it. That is why consulting with a professional is the best thing to do. 

Reason 9: A Tilted Uterus

A Tilted Uterus

Having a uterus that is a little tilted backward is a little common. Around 30% of women have it. But in case your uterus is tilted as the result of scar tissues from Endometriosis or infection, that can really be painful. 

You might be thinking, when a tilted uterus is not abnormal, then why that hurts? The scarring attaches organs to other organs, and that is why. And that can hit during sex. In case your intestine is attached to your uterus by scar tissues, that can get pushed while having sex. 

Reason 10: It Might Be Chlamydia

It Might Be Chlamydia

This sexually transmitted disease comes with lower abdominal pain and painful intercourse. During your routine annual pap smears, Chlamydia is mostly tested. That means it is really important to go to these appointments. 

In case you suspect that you have contracted this disease, you should immediately contact an OB-GYN and start the proper treatment. A course of antibiotics is usually suggested for this disease. 

Final Words

So, when you are having lower abdominal pain after being sexually active, the reasons can be normal and also abnormal. There are some things that you can tackle by yourself. On the other hand, for some serious health issues, you need to consult a doctor and take the necessary treatment.

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