The Severity Of Covid-19 Can Be Determined Through Analyzing Cough Sounds

Have you wondered with the rising cases of hospitalizations due to covid, how severely could you be hit with the infection? Scientists in Spain have an answer for you! Well, if not a complete answer, an important piece of the severity puzzle.

The early stages of the infection pushed a team of researchers in Spain under Hospital del Mar and IBEC, to conduct a study with support from CIBERES, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), and CIBER-BBN.

The prediction of the scientists was shared to be analyzing the cough sounds of patients in the initial stages of the infection. It was pointed to be a straightforward, friendly tool for the assessment of symptoms and predicting its intensity.

The participants of the study were asked to cough voluntarily and these sounds were recorded using a smartphone. The data was collected within the first 24 hours of their hospitalization.

The findings suggested that an assessment technique for the patients at risk of developing severe symptoms was improved.

The existing techniques for assessing the risk of patients were expensive and less accessible. The patients were supported with prognostic and diagnostic tools such as computed tomography, ultrasonography, and radiography. The need for a simpler technique for assessment arose from this.

Acoustic analysis of the recorded cough sounds revealed that significant changes in the cough sounds depended on the severity of the ailment. These were already confirmed from the imaging tests and the need for supplemental oxygen.

The people in Spain infected with COVID-19 experience symptoms that are mild, allowing them to recover quickly. The pandemic caused due to the SARS-CoV-2 was announced to be over, however, there are still reported cases of the infection.

Despite vaccination, the cases are rising due to the modified strains that are a result of mutations within the Covid virus.

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