What Is A Reasonable Price For Babysitting Per Day

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Babysitting is a noble profession of taking care of someone else’s baby and kids while their parents are away. But it is to be noted that the parents can be away for a long time, and the babysitter has to be present there for that time period. 

Although it is a point of inquiry that what is a reasonable price for babysitting per day, and what are the factors does the price evaluated for these babysitters? So today, we are going to find out what is a reasonable price for babysitting per day. 

What Are The Costs Of Babysitting?

What Are The Costs Of Babysitting

Before you hire a babysitter, you need to know the reasonable price for babysitting. There is a particular rate that you should pay your babysitter for looking after your kids. Babysitting starts from the age of 12 or 13 years old and can go upto 50 years of age. 

There are different types of babysitters, which depends on their age. If it’s a teenager of about 12 to 13 years of age, then about $10 is enough as payment. 

But the payment for these babysitters changes if the person is licensed or unlicensed. If the person is licensed, then the payment is decided upon by the government, but for an unlicensed babysitter, the payment is negotiable. 

Factors That Influence The Babysitting Costs

Factors That Influence The Babysitting Costs

There are certain factors that can impact the rates for babysitters, there are many such factors that impact the amount you should be paying your babysitter. So let’s see what these factors are. 

  • The Number Of Kids

The number one factor that impacted the rate of babysitters is the number of kids you are incharge of looking after. The number of kids you look after you can impact the money you are paid by the parents. Here is a chart of 2022 babysitting rates. 

Number of Kids Hourly Rate
1 child $16/hr
2 children $17/hr
3 children $18/hr
4 children $19/hr


  • The Location

The location where you have to travel to for your babysitting job can impact the rates you are to be paid. The further you travel, the more is to be paid for to you, so if you are an unlicensed babysitter, you can easily charge more money for your travels. 

  • Added Responsibility

If you are given more responsibilities than just taking care of the kid or kids, like cleaning the house, cooking a meal for the kid, and things like that, then the rates should be higher than the one you were paid for just taking care of the kid. 

  • Experience 

The level of your experience as a babysitter will definitely impact your rates and the money you charge. If you are a skilled babysitter, then you are easily paid a higher amount than just your minimum wage.  

  • Special Qualification

If you are a qualified child-rearing and care expert, then also your charges and rates of babysitting would be much higher than unlicensed or even licensed babysitters as you are educated and qualified. 

  • Age Factor

Like I said before, age is a big factor when you are a babysitter. If you are just a teenager, you are not paid as much if you are a 20-something or 30-something babysitter.

  • Timing

The amount of time you are to give for your babysitting services has a direct impact on how much you are to be paid. The more time you invest in your job, the more you are paid for it, it is as simple as that. 

Wrapping Up!

Babysitting is now considered as a full-time job for women and for men. But if you are an unlicensed babysitter, then you are not paid as much as the price is negotiated. But if you are a licensed babysitter, then your rates are decided by the government, and you can’t charge more than that. 

So if your question of what is a reasonable price for babysitting per day, then this article has answered your query, if you liked this article, then give it a like and comment down below.

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