Does Potato Diet Work For Weight Loss?

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Potatoes are known for containing high fiber, and their resistant starch helps one to stay for longer periods without consuming anything. Hence, with the help of the potato diet, you will be able to stop overeating. Therefore, many nutritionists consider having a potato diet to be extremely beneficial for weight loss.

Although a potato diet may vary depending upon the requirement of the person, potato diet recipes, and the quantity possible for the intake of potato. However, as per popular claims, the most basic version that you will be able to consume will help you to lose 0.45 kilograms in a day if you eat nothing but plain potatoes. Since potatoes are a great nutrient source, they can help you to get a continuous intake of necessary nutrients throughout the day, which, in turn, allows you to lose weight faster.

What Is A Potato Diet?  

What Is A Potato Diet
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As per popular claims, a potato diet means eating nothing but potatoes for three to five days, and you will be able to lose up to one pound each day, which is equivalent to 0.45 kg/ day. Although having a potato diet dates back to 1849, Tim Steele popularized the concept in 2016 with the publication of the book named, “Potato Hack: Weight Loss Simplified.”

In the book, Tim Steele emphasized the usefulness of potatoes being a good food source. Apart from that, he also claimed that potato helps strengthen the immune system of humans by improving gut health. Apart from that, potatoes also help in providing many different useful nutrients by keeping the body energized even while losing weight.

However, there is no scientific evidence to support these claims whether having a potato diet helps in losing weight. Despite that, many people have benefitted from having a controlled potato diet, where they consumed nothing but a potato and lost some weight.

Different Potato Diet Rules You Will Need To Follow  

Different Potato Diet Rules You Will Need To Follow
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There are many different nutritionists with a variety of ways of looking at a potato diet. Hence, there are different instructions available on having a potato diet for a weight loss regime. However, for the purpose of providing clarity in this article, we will stick to the rules put forward by Tim Steele in his book, “Potato Hack: Weight Loss Simplified”:

1. Consume only plain-cooked potatoes for three to five days. Do not continue more than that.

2. Based on your weight and consumption ability, eat 2 to 5 lbs. (0.9 to 2.3 kgs) of potatoes in a single day.

3. Avoid consuming any other food or any other condiments, ketchup, butter, cheese, etc. Just plain potato.

4. Although not compulsory, you will get better results if you avoid salt.

5. Avoid any aerated drinks or alcohol. If you are thirsty, stick to water only. At times, you can have plain tea or coffee.

6. For these three to five days, when you have a potato diet, avoid heavy exercise and just stick to light exercise, limited jogging, or just a walk.

7. If you are under some medication, take them as usual. Do not take any supplements if they are unprescribed.

Potato Diet Results: Can A Potato Diet Make You Lose Weight?  

Potato Diet Results Can A Potato Diet Make You Lose Weight
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As discussed before, the claim that a potato diet can help in losing weight is still not scientifically proven. However, we think you can lose weight by having a potato diet since the diet is low in calories, but you will get enough carbohydrates required for your body to operate.

If you stick to 2 to 5 pounds of plain potato each day, you are basically taking 530-1300 calories, which is less than the daily intake of an average adult. Hence, it is a short-term solution to losing weight. If you continue this diet for a prolonged period, it might lead to an accumulation of problems in your body.

Although potatoes are nutritious, they do not contain all the essential nutrients that are required for the proper operation of the body. Despite that, a low-calorie diet like that of a potato diet slows down metabolism and decreases muscle mass, which, in turn, helps you to lose weight.

Some Other Benefits Associated With A Potato Diet  

Some Other Benefits Associated With A Potato Diet
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Although having a potato diet for a prolonged period is not a good option at all, however, if you have a controlled potato diet, you will be able to benefit from the following advantages:

  • Potatoes come with some important nutrients like vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin C, folate, iron, and potassium.
  • It is easy to have a potato diet, as you will not have to spend time on cooking or money on a cook. You can simply eat potatoes for three to five days.
  • Since potato is cheap and easily available, it makes it easy to have a potato diet and lose weight at the same time.
  • Potatoes contain high fiber and thus help in promoting gut health. This, in turn, helps to prevent obesity, type 2 diabetes, as well as heart diseases.

Various Ways To Have A Potato Diet  

Various Ways To Have A Potato Diet
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The following are the ways you should have a potato diet:

  • diet baked potato
  • meat and potato diet
  • mashed potato diet
  • steamed potato
  • raw potatoes
  • oven-baked potatoes, free from any oil.

Potato Diet You Must Avoid  

These are the potato options to avoid in a potato diet:

  • sweet potato diet
  • fried potatoes
  • potato chips
  • yams, and many more.

Summing Up  

The best way to have a potato diet is to only stick to potatoes throughout the day. If you can continue on a potato diet for three to five days at a stretch, you will be able to see visible results. However, it will only work if your body is used to it. Having a potato diet is certainly not recommended if you are a diabetes patient. However, if you are okay with a potato diet, you will be able to facilitate your weight loss, restore your gut health, and can also boost immunity. Furthermore, do not continue it for more than five days since a lack of nutrients for a prolonged period of time can cause problems in your body and might also lead to unhealthy eating behavior. Make sure your diet is under your control.

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