When Did Obstetrics And Gynecology Become A Specialty

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The term “obestetrician and gynaecologist” is someone who specializes in the care and surgeries of the female reproductive organs and systems. The field, over the years, devoted itself to providing a higher quality of female life through healthcare. 

While the gynaechologist deals with the female reproductive system, an obstetrician deals specifically with pregnant women and delivering babies. So if you wanna know more about these subjects, then keep on scrolling through this article. 

Who Is An OB-GYN?

Who Is An OB-GYN

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OB-GYN or an OB-GYN is a medical field or a doctor who specializes in the female reproductive system and childbirth. They ensure better healthcare for women and a newborn baby. From safe sex, the pregnancy, childbirth, and infertility, everything is handled by the obstetrician and gynaecologist. 

It is important for women of all ages to visit an OB-GYN at least twice a year. If you don’t have one, then on Google, just type, best gynaecologist near me. Although the visits to your gynaechologist depend upon your age, twice is the minimum that you should visit them. 

When Did Obstetrics And Gynecology Become A Specialty?

When Did Obstetrics And Gynecology Become A Specialty.

If we trace back to the years when gynecology became a separate field of study, then we have to go back to the early Greco-Roman civilization. But it was during the mid 19th century when physicians and doctors were able to perform certain limited operations on the uterus and the ovaries. 

In the 1880s, gynecology became an established medical field; it was joined with the field of obstetrics, as the two fields overlapped. There are certain types of surgeries that OB-GYNs practice, and they fix injuries caused by the bladder, vagina, and uterus. Other than that, the main areas are obviously childbirth and removing malignant or benign tumors and cysts. 

What Procedures Do They Perform?

What Procedures Do They Perform

There are a wide range of procedures and surgeries that obstetrician and gynecologist perform, and they are, 

  • A hysterectomy.
  • Cesarean section.
  • Deliveries during childbirth.
  • Pelvic injury surgeries.
  • Removing tumors and cysts from the uterus and ovaries
  • STI tests.
  • A pap smear in case of cervical cancer.
  • Fertility treatments.
  • Ultrasounds.
  • Medical treatments for Urinary tract infections.
  • Treating problems like Anemia.
  • Treatment for breast cancers. 

What Are The Areas They Specialize In? 

What Are The Areas They Specialize In

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In the field of OB-GYN, there is a wide range of specialization fields that you can choose from. There are specializations from removing cysts and tumors to delivering and caring for a baby. So, according to your interest, you can choose the field you want to specialize in. 

  • Reproductive Endocrinologists

The specialists in reproductive endocrinology are the ones who deal with infertility. They are the ones who diagnose problems causing infertility and create a treatment plan to deal with the problem at hand. The most famous treatment for infertility is IVF. 

  • Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialists

The specialization of Maternal-Fatal specialists treat high-pregnancies, where the life of the mother and baby can be at risk. They are the ones who deal with deliveries that are considered high-risk, like natural childbirth but in a breeched position. 

  • Female Pelvic Specialists

The specialization of female pelvic medicine is in charge of reconstruction therapies and surgeries. They perform necessary surgeries for disorders and injuries on the female pelvic floor. 

  • Gynecologic Oncologists

The department of Gynecologic oncologists is the ones who deal with cancer treatment in the female reproductory organs. They treat and operate on cancer cells in organs like the uterus and ovaries. 

When Should I Go Visit One?

When Should I Go Visit One

According to the ACOG (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists), every person between the age group of 13 to 15 should start their visits to the OB-GYN. 

These visits to the doctor form a relationship between the teenager and the doctor that helps reduce the awkwardness of certain tests. However, there won’t be any pelvic exam done on a teenager until and unless she is sexually active or is suffering from some injury. 

As your age group grows, there are other tests that are important to have a healthy reproductory system. Around age 21, certain tests like pap smears are conducted as the female becomes sexually active. 

And if you are planning on getting pregnant, then there are certain tests that are very important, which are. 

  • Miscarriage or any suspected pregnancy
  • STD testing
  • Pain during sex
  • Suspected infertility
  • Pregnancy complications
  • Pain or other problems during urination

Wrapping Up!

Now that you know that an obstetrician and gynecologist is a very important medical field that devotes themselves to maintaining the health of a woman and their reproductive system. There are a number of different specializations that you can take the services of or apply for. 

So if you think that you find this article helpful and informative, then give us a like and comment down below to let us know.

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