Everything You Need To Know About Hyperspermia

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Do you know what is Hyperspermia definition? It’s a pretty uncommon condition that affects 4% iof all men in the world. Here, men suffering from it tend to ejaculate a bit too much semen, which can be painful. In addition, it might also lead to infertility.

To know more about this rare disease, continue reading this post below. 

What Are Hyperspermia Symptoms?

How could you be suffering from Hyperspermia? There are various symptoms that you can see for yourself to tell if you have this condition or not. The primary symptoms of Hyperspermia are:

1. Ejaculation Issues

Ejaculation Issues

One of the first and foremost symptoms of this condition is the amount of sperm that you ejaculate. If you seem to be ejaculating too much sperm, then that can be problematic. The same goes for the pain it causes. Some of the ejaculation you might face if you suffer from this condition are:

  • You ejaculate lots of sperm (like a constant, unending, stream).
  • When you ejaculate, it causes a lot of pain in your penis and testicles.
  • Sometimes, ejaculation gets delayed, as if it happens sometime after you have an orgasm.
  • Another rare symptom is the coloration of your semen. If you have this condition, your semen might be light yellow in color.

2. Post-Intercourse Fatigue

Post-Intercourse Fatigue

Another symptom of Hyperspermia is the fact that you feel super tired and often dizzy after having intercourse. The same applies to masturbation as well. If you suddenly feel weak and dizzy after ejaculation (that too a lot), you might need to see a doctor.

3. Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

An uncommon symptom of this disorder is that you can suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) in the long run. However, the dysfunction caused here is different than in regular ED. Here, you will feel that your penis feels a bit stretched.

This is because, in regular ED, men have problems with having an erect penis when aroused. However, in this situation, it might be partial because you will have an erect penis – just not for long. For example, during intercourse, you might have an erect penis only for a few minutes. However, it will go flaccid soon, with ejaculation happening in a flaccid state.

4. Sexual Drive

Sexual Drive

Another common symptom of this disorder is the fact that you can sufgfer from extreme levels of sex drive. Here, the high amount of ejaculation causes the man to have a higher-than-average sex drive. He will constantly seek intercourses throughout the day, often being dissociated with mental problems in the process.

What Are Hyperspermia Causes?

Hyperspermia has many causes. Some of the most commonly associated and proven causes of this disorder are:

1. Steroid Abuse

Steroid Abuse

Hyperspermia has often been noticed in men who go training at the gym on a regular basis. This is because many men who are into bodybuilding and want faster gains are known to be asteroid abusers. 

Here, the overuse of steroids can cause an overproduction of sperm due to an abnormally higher testosterone count. This can cause your ejaculation to be faster and more forced, causing pain in your penis and testicles. 

2. Abuse Of Sex Boosting Pills

Abuse Of Sex Boosting Pills

It’s pretty commonly known that many sex-enhancing drugs are widely available in the market. For men, there are many drugs that enhance your performance in bed. These drugs cause you to keep your penis erect for longer and ejaculate a lot later. 

However, when you do ejaculate, it happens very fast and forcefully, causing lots of pain. If this happens, it means you need to visit a doctor soon.

3. Medication Problems

Medication Problems

Sometimes, we develop a dependency on certain forms of prescription drugs that can cause hyperspermia. While the exact drugs have not been identified yet, it’s pretty uncommon to see this as a cause. However, it;’s best to stay safe than sorry since prevention is better than cure.

4. Prostate Infections

Prostate Infections

If you see that your sperm is yellow in color, it is a symptom of hyperspermia. However, do you know what causes your sperm to go yellow?

Most of our semen (the fluid supporting the sperm) is produced in our prostate gland. However, if there is an infection there, it can cause your semen to become yellow. This is a very severe infection and requires immediate treatment.

How Does Hyperspermia Affect Fertility?

Hyperspermia has an overall negative impact on the fertility of the man. This is because this condition greatly increases the amount of semen released during ejaculation. However, since the amount of semen is higher than the actual amount of sperm in an ejaculation, it can lead to difficulty in fertilizing the ovarian eggs of the female. 

How To Treat Hyperspermia?

If you think you are suffering from one (or more than one) symptom of hyperspermia, then you need to get it treated right away. The best treatment plans that you should follow are:

1. Proper Medication

Proper Medication

One of the more common side effects of hyperspermia is a low sperm count. Due to higher amounts of semen being ejaculated every time, frequent ejaculations can soon lead to a lower sperm count. 

If this happens, you must get medications from the doctor that are estrogen receptors. This will bounce back your sperm count to normal. Mixing this with other medications will help on combating the pain caused by this condition. Here, the doctors might give you Hyperspermia pills.

2. Assisted Reproductive Therapy

Assisted Reproductive Therapy

Assisted Reproductive Therapy (ART) is a form of sexual therapy which involves the use of several practices to improve sexual well-being. Here, various processes like intracytoplasmic sperm injection may be required since Hyperspermia is accompanied by reduced fertility. 

When To See A Doctor?

You should see a doctor after you have run some tests, which you should do to confirm Hyperspermia symptoms. These tests are:

1. Hormone Test

Hormone Test

You should conduct a hormone test first. Depending on the results, you can feel safe about yourself. If you have a higher or lower than average testosterone in your body, it can be a concerning sign (especially if you have lower testosterone).

2. Semen Analysis

Semen Analysis

In this test, the doctor will ask you to ejaculate in a cup to provide your semen sample. Depending on test results, you can see whether you are suffering from any prostate-related problems or not.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):-

Some questions many men have asked related to Hyperspermia are:

Q1. What Is The Benefit Of No Fap?

Ans: No-fap (the practice of men not masturbating) has become pretty popular recently. This is because people are starting to know more about the benefits of no-fap, like increased energy levels and increased testosterone.

Q2. What Is The Average Penis Size?

Ans: The average male penis size is between 5 and 6 inches long and around 3.5 to 4.5 inches in girth. This size is applicable to 90% of all males in the US. 5% of males each have penis sizes shorter or longer than the average length.

Q3. How Often Should Men Masturbate?

Ans: On average, doctors recommend that men should masturbate around two to five times a week. Any amount more than that could lead to decreased energy levels and lower sex drive.

Sometimes, A Bit Too Much Can Be Problematic

Hyperspermia affects roughly 5% of all men in the world. If you ejaculate a lot of semen, it might be concerning for you. This might be more so if you have painful ejaculations, along with difficulty in conceiving a child.

It can happen due to a lot of reasons, like steroid abuse and prostate infections. If you think you have such symptoms of excessive ejaculations, occasionally being yellow in color, you should run some tests. These tests include semen analysis and hormone tests, before consulting a doctor.

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