The Best Bodyweight Tricep Exercises To Do At Home

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A defined and toned upper arm always looks good. There is not a single doubt regarding that. And when you want to have toned upper arms, you will obviously opt for biceps exercises cause it is the only one. 

However, the reality is a little different. 

When you want to have sculpted arms, you also need to work on your triceps along with your biceps. This 3-headed muscle actually makes up almost two-thirds of your upper arm and is responsible for giving the pleasing horseshoe shape on the back of your arm. 

 Being the counterpart of the biceps, the main function of the tricep is to extend your arm at your elbow joint. Now, you might be thinking about building your triceps with the best bodyweight tricep exercises. 

Best Bodyweight Tricep Exercises To Do At Home

There are a lot of high-end and effective exercises with different equipment, such as dumbbells and cables. But the good news is that you can work on your triceps effectively, even without dumbbells and cables. Here, in this article, I will guide you with some best tricep bodyweight exercises you can do at home. 

Now, without wasting any more time, let’s check them out. 


Before starting, here is a guide for you on the tricep exercises bodyweight.

  • Do 8 to 12 repetitions. 
  • Do 3 rounds of each exercise with 90 seconds to 120 seconds of rest in between them. 

Exercise 1: Narrow Push-Up

Narrow Push-Up

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I believe you know how to do a push-up. But the narrow push-up is a little different. The gap between your two hands should be less here. You can measure the gap by opening two of your thumbs and touching each other’s heads. 

Yes, you should maintain this distance while doing push-ups. And your legs also have to be as close as possible. 

Exercise 2: Power Triceps Extension

Power Triceps Extension

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Bend on a small stool and hold the edges with both hands. Now, take the position of doing push-ups. But instead of leaning towards the stool, you need to lean down towards the ground as much as possible. 

It is kind of back and forth while also going up and down. 

Exercise 3: Triceps Bow

Triceps Bow

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The triceps bow is a lot similar to the usual push-up. But there is a twist. 

While you are going down, you need to keep your elbow closer as if you are going to place your lower arm on the ground and again pull yourself up. You need to repeat this one 8 to 12 times. 

Exercise 4: Forearm Triceps Extension

Forearm Triceps Extension

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This one is another push-up type and one of the best bodyweight tricep exercises. Place your hands on the ground but in a crisscross manner. Now, for more support, widen the gap of your lags a little more. 

Yes, that’s right, you got the position and started bending down and going up straight. While bending, you will be up, placing your lower arms on the ground straight.

Exercise 5: Bench Dip

Bench Dip

Image Source

Bench dip is a really popular bodyweight tricep exercise. You need a bench, obviously. Now, stand in front of the bench facing the other direction, and grab the side of the bench tight. It will be a backward grip. 

Now, place your legs a little forward and take the position of doing squats. With the support of both your hands, go down but don’t touch the body and go up. 

Exercise 6: Elevated Legs Bench DIP

Elevated Legs Bench DIP

Image Source

This tricep exercise is the same as the previous one. But instead of standing on the ground, here you need another bend to put both of your legs. 

Exercise 7: Narrow-Inclined Bench Push-Up

Narrow-Inclined Bench Push-Up

Image Source

It is another variant of our favorite push-ups. When I am talking about the best bodyweight tricep exercises, I have to include narrow inclines bench push-ups. It is the usual push-up instead of getting support from the ground; here, you will use a bench. 

That means your palms are on the edge of the bench, and your legs are on the ground. Keep the distance the same as I have told you for the narrow push-up. Now lean down and up against the bench. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

In this article, I have already suggested some of the best bodyweight tricep exercises that you can start now. Still, if you have any questions, leave a comment in the comment section, and I will come up with a solution as soon as possible. 

Now, here, I am answering some of the most common questions that people have been asked on Google. So, now, I am answering them, and I know you might also want to know the answers to these. 

Q1: What Bodyweight Exercise Works The Triceps?

When you are looking for triceps exercises, kneeling bodyweight tricep extensions are one of the best ones. You just need to keep your elbow tucked into both of your sides, and now pay attention to whether you are feeling this move in the triceps or chest. In case you are feeling it in your chest, you need to adjust your arm width till the time you are feeling it in the back of the upper arms. 

Q2: How Can I Train My Triceps Without Weights?

Ans: Weight lifting is indeed a great option to build muscles and triceps. But if you are not that fond of lifting weights or weight training, there are several options you can opt for. Here are the options.

  • Push-Ups.
  • Hand Elevated Narrow Push-Ups.
  • Narrow Push-Ups.
  • Feet Elevated Bench Dip.
  • Bench Dip.
  • Handstand Push-Up.
  • Pike Push Up.
  • Sphinx Push Up.

Q3: How Can I Build Triceps At Home For Beginners?

 Ans: All the exercises that I have mentioned in this article are for beginners and are really effective in building your triceps. 

  • Narrow Push-Up.
  • Triceps Bow.
  • Power Triceps Extension.
  • Bench Dip.
  • Forearm Triceps Extension.
  • Bench DIP With Elevated Legs.
  • TRX Push-Up.
  • Pike Push-Up.
  • TRX Tricep Extension. 
  • Sphinx Push-Up. 
  • Feet Elevated Push-Up. 
  • Narrow Inclined Bench Push-Up.

Q4: How Can I Work My Triceps At Home?

Ans: Triceps work is not that big a deal. You can work on your triceps at home. You just need to put your feelings flat against the wall. Put your hands on the floor flat. Now, take your body as low as you can. Push-ups can be really effective for your triceps. 

Go, Folks!

Always remember that consistency is the key to building the body of your desire. So, you need to keep going with these best bodyweight tricep exercises on a regular basis. Working out every day will lead you to the triceps you have been dreaming about.

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