I am university professor. I worked eastern university at Poland. And I am research about food and home. And we are do the team work. My team member almost 15. We are research about food.

We are collecting the food from many places in the city of Poland. Like restaurant, coffee shop, fast food, and different kind of hotels. And we testing the food and can calculate that those food are good for health or not. And how much vitamins, fiber, calorie, mineral food have.

And we got the result and publish to our website and make a consciousness to people and show them the flowing food are good or not. If we got better result for food. We are also publish and remark the food. And suggested to they can take the food. If we are not the better result that we suggested to avoid the food.

At a result we build up a community of people who are now more conscious about food. And they are know that which food are well and which are not and day by day they are select that for according their health condition.

So our team work nicely with the community people. And that’s our success story.